What is AGE of Darkness?

AGE of Darkness is a game system hack of the Dragon AGE system set in Christopher Nolan-ized Gotham City (Minus the Superheroes).

Story wise the system is very much flavored by such fictional sources as: Angel, Arkham Horror, Being Human (UK), Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, The Dresden Files, Elder Sign, Supernatural, World of Darkness, etc.

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Age of Darkness is currently in Playtest. Anyone interested in joining the playtest campaign is welcome to contact the GM at any time. We are always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic players.



If you are interested in joining us in the campaign, feel free to contact me via email. We would love to have new players to playtest the system!

We’ve been named Obsidian Portal’s Campaign of the Month for October 2013! Check out the blog post HERE

There have been a lot of updates to the wiki site in the past little while, most of which are formatting and mostly just ease of use but I’m going to highlight a few of the changes here.

Navigation Menu
The Navigation Menu on the left has made jumping between wiki pages much easier and far more convenient.

The Cast
The Cast page (renamed from the Character’s Page) now only contains Investigators, which are separated into two categories, Active and Inactive.

The NPCs of the game have all been moved to the Dramatis Persona page and will be updated as time goes on. NPC will now possess a Background section that will contain Out of Character information so that the players might learn more about the allies and opponents that their characters interact with.

More updates are sure to be on the horizon.

Case Files
Hangman’s Noose
11/08/2012 – Current1
Status: Active
Required Reading
07/30/2012 – 07/31/20121
Status: Closed
Pest Control
05/23/2012 – 05/24/20121
Status: Closed
1 – All dates are IN-GAME time.

Latest News

Gotham Daily Examiner May 25, 2012

Newspaper Archive

The light and dark parchment backgrounds were created by HumAnnoyd and used with gracious permission.

Special Thanks
Special Thanks to Killervp, Keryth987, and Wolfhound for all of their help and for allowing me to shamelessly steal bits of CSS from them.

This system is experimental and prone to change at any moment with little to no notice. Please check back regularly to make sure characters are still up to date. Thank you.

The Adventure Game Engine (AGE) roleplaying system as well as the Dragon AGE roleplaying game are owned and distributed by Green Ronin Publishing and are based on the Dragon AGE: Origins and Dragon AGE 2 Videogame’s created by Bioware Entertainment. I do not possess any rights or ownerships either of these intellectual properties.